Have you ever experienced a long travel by plane or train, and there is no room for rest in your legs? Have you ever had to sit in the same position and hold the same position for hours to make your legs feel tired? Don't worry.Our footrest can help you solve these problems.This is a convenient product that will enjoy the same effect as if you put your feet in it.It will help you keep your feet up and keep your posture relaxed. This will relieve the pressure of the feet, relieve the swelling, fatigue, etc. Product features: 1.Lightweight& Small Folded Size,easy to carry without increasing your bag's burden. 2.Easy to install the foot hammock,hook onto either side of any desk with two buckle. 3.Newest design,unlike other standard footrests,It won't squeeze your two feet. How to use ? 1.Hook the string part of the footrest to the table, and snap the buckle. 2.Adjust the length of the string to keep your feet in the most comfortable position. 3.Put your feet in the footrest and float your legs, swing your legs to relieve fatigue. 4.Enjoy your time during your trip. Where to use ? Use it in office, school, bus, train, subway,flight,and any place where you have to sit for a long time. Product Specifications: •Folded size: 8*2*2 inch •Weight:2.98oz Package include: 1* footrest and 1*storage bag Phelrena footrest - the most essential tool on the trip. If you travel a lot, ADD it to the SHOPPING CART quickly.

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